How are women portrayed in the musical? What are some of their struggles and triumphs? Whose point of view in the play would you have been interested in learning more about? Why?

The women are the heartbeat of the show. The show acknowledges that women are trapped by the society…

I felt overwhelmed listening to Satisfied, the some is performed right after Hamilton marries Eliza and Angelica, who loves Hamilton from afar, gives a toast to the couple at their wedding. This is an extremely well-written song. Angelica sounds so effortlessly beautiful and smooth. Furthermore, the lyrics is so heart-tugging…

Malvolio (reading from a letter by Maria, which he believes to be from Olivia) (Twelfth Night)

“…be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

Ashley: You save his life, Ivy!

Ivy: I just happened to be there at the right time.

Ashley: He was seriously injured by a piece of glass that fell from the ceiling, and you were the only who was able to administer first aid.

Ivy: I’m a doctor, Ashley.

Ashley: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

What is a short story you’re interested in writing? What genre? Why is it important? Who will the characters be? Which era will it be set? What is the setting like? What is the main message/theme you want to convey?

Everyone gets the blues sometimes, so I want to write a story that can resonate with the reader, pull them from the slump and put a smile on their face. I’m interested in writing a story that can make the reader feel like getting a virtual hug for the soul and may spark a change in them for the better. My character would be based on my role model. A lot of people are going through some tough times right now, I hope my story will convey a message of hope and encouragement to them.

The ancient Vietnamese Cinderella folktale is the story I grow up with, but reading it from the point of view of the stepsister is really interesting to me. She loves the king so much and would risk everything just to hold his hand. Even though she is being ignored and completely neglected by the king, she accepts to be the replacement.

There is scene taken place after she did whatever to fit into the shoe, she walks unsteadily on her bleeding foot, bursting into tears seeing someone she loves with someone else. When she is in that position, I see her in a more sympathetic light than before.

Reading the story from a point of view of an antagonist/villain allows me to better understand their inner world and entertain possibilities that I had never thought of before.

That Was It

By Ilah Dein

She was his sunshine;
He was her lullaby.
He lit up her world
as she painted his blank face.

They love each other.
But that’s it.
That’s it.
That was it.

He deserved her;
She deserved him.
She kept her feelings a secret and stayed silent. …

No one’s told me how lonely it is up here.

The sun is gone.

It’s time to run wild.

The sky won’t stop crying today.

For the first time, I see the quiet sky crying happy tears.

Brother, I don’t know happiness well, but let’s just cry.

Thunder is shining…

Who Ever Loved That Loved Not at First Sight?

By Christopher Marlowe (1564–1593)

It lies not in our power to love or hate,

For will in us is overruled by fate.

When two are stripped, long ere the course begin,

We wish that one should love, the other win;

And one especially do we affect

Of two gold ingots…


The algorithm is used for optimal decision-making in game theory and artificial intelligence. In the minimax algorithm, the entire game tree is searched and the algorithm finds the best possible move by working from the bottom up and assuming both players are playing perfectly.

The computer is making a move…

Uyen Nguyen

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